Field Trip Summary Directions Map Rationale Pre-Trip Exercises Handout Post-Trip Exercises Resources Field Trip Summary Field Trip site and Location: Peace Valley Park, Bucks County, Pennsylvania Theme: British Romantic Poets How trip relates totheme: A hands-on experience conveying how the writers’ inspiration becomes the final creation and immersing students into the atmosphere of the movement’s writers. Distance (time/mileage): 20 minutes/8.88 miles Cost: Travel and Lunch accommodations Length of trip: 3 hours (with travel) Recommended time of year: Early Autumn, Spring Grade level: 10 What we’ll see and do: Begin by sitting in a circle in the grass and reading a selection of Romantic poems centered on the depiction of nature. Discuss the park’s atmosphere in relation to The Lake District in England—the movement’s center location—and how this setting related to the poets’ emotions. Take a short (15-20 minute) hike to look at foliage, animal life, and pond, etc. Students regroup in circle in the grass and are expected to produce their own Romantic-style poem based on the things they have seen that day. (Poem to be completed for homework). Directions From: Horsham, PA To: Peace Valley Park, New Britain, PA From the map quest website 1: Start out going NORTHWEST on HORSHAM RD / PA-463 toward EVERGREEN RD. 1.1 miles Map 2: Turn RIGHT onto LIMEKILN PIKE / PA-152. Continue to follow PA-152. 5.4 miles Map 3: Turn LEFT onto N MAIN ST / PA-152. 0.2 miles Map 4: Turn RIGHT onto PARK AVE. 1.4 miles Map 5: PARK AVE becomes CALLOWHILL RD. 0.3 miles Map 6: Turn RIGHT onto CREEK RD. 0.2 miles Map 7: End at Peace Valley Park230 Creek Rd, New Britain, PA 18901, US Map Total Est. Time: 18 minutes Total Est. Distance: 8.88 miles Map Rationale This field trip location is a setting of nature’s beauty, a theme revered in Romantic writings. I expect students to absorb the atmosphere projected by nature by immersing themselves in activities centered on the natural environment (such as hikes) and the curriculum (the poems). I also expect them to produce their own Romantic styled works based on the things they absorbed while out in nature. Educational Information: Park Programs for Kids Pre-Trip Exercises Exercise #1: Vocabulary words for Nature, including geographic locations, types of plants, and animals provided by the teacher. Vocabulary List 1. crag 2. zephyr 3. sod 4. knoll 5. verdure 6. dell 7. fauna 8. flora 9. precipice 10. doe 11. stag 12. fowl 13. Types of Trees and Flowers to Be Identified by Picture a. Maple, Oak, Birch, Willow, Pine, Beech, Cedar. b. Daffodil, foxglove, carnation, baby’s breath, daisy, violet, dandelion, lily, lilac. Etc. Exercise #2: Students find and research briefly a plant or animal in our area that is endangered due to urbanization or other man inflicted causes and relates this animal or plant to the beliefs of the Romantics. Exercise #3: Poetry is “emotion reflected in tranquility."-Wordsworth. Students will recall a memory with strong emotion—losing a game, being in a fight—and write a poem reflecting on this memory based on this Wordsworth quote to prepare them for poem writing during the trip. Handout 1. How does Peace Valley Park relate to the area of England that the Romantic Poets wrote in? 2. Which Romantic Poem we have studied most resembles the setting and characteristics of Peace Valley Park (name title and author). Why? 3. How many different types of wild life did you see during your trip, if any? Why do you think that amount is so? (i.e. How does it relate to the Romantic’s view of preserving nature) 4. What was your favorite place on in the park? Did it inspire you? How? Post Trip Exercises Exercise #1: Students submit final draft of “Romantic style poem” worked on during the field trip using Word to include borders, clip art, and/or music for use in field trip web page (created by teacher). Exercise #2: Quiz on vocabulary terms presented in pre trip exercises using digital photographs of park (taken by teacher) as “clues”. Exercise #3: Reflection paper on how Romantic poets’ representation of nature reflected their own personality and writing styles (include 3-4 examples). Include reflection on their own Romantic poem. 1 ½ - 2 pages, double-spaced. Resources Peace Valley Park Official Site and information on Park Peace Valley Park Bucks County, Pennsylvania. 14 Aug 1997. Cronan Computer Consultation. 14 February 2006. Pictures of the Lake District and Tintern Abbey In England. San José State University. 14 February 2006. Park Programs for Kids (available in print and online) “NATURE DISCOVERIES: 5 Days of CHALLENGES & ADVENTURES”. Peace Valley Park Nature Center. 13 February 2006. Hiking Trail Pamphlet (available in print or online) "Peace Valley Park: Hiking” Cronan Compute Consultation. 15 February 2006.