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Things that make me...well....[as Kara says] the only me


I actually don't know if I'm normal or not. It sounds weird, but the "preppy" things at A&F aren't my personal prefrence, and the "gothic" things from hot topic aren't either. I shop at hot topic, but I am not always as into the gothic punk of the store. The label Gothic pisses me off. I hate being a statistic to all these pricks out there. I am a teen and I don't know who i am as a person, but i know i don't need anyone else telling me who I am. I have a personality that needs attention, instead of my clothes and group of friends. Yes, friends and clothes are part of your aditude and style, but they don't always spell straight out who a person is. If you're one of those assholes that labels people then well i can't change you. But dont label me. You label me and i hear, my foot, your ass, will meet.

I'm going to let you in on a little[huge] secret of mine. I love knights, dragons, madiens, sword fights, joust, and all medieval type stuff. It's truely sad that I vision my crushes as knights in shining armor. It's just awesome to think of hot guys in those leather hyde pants, with peasant shirt that lace up, but aren't laced with the loose sleeves. Oh thats sessy. And if they have a sword, oh. Man, if I didn't already know you people as friends, i'd have problems telling you this. Not that i play Dungeons and Dragons or that play stuff, but the time period facinates me. Just a thing. I've visited castles in France and England, and they reminded me of my addiction, if you wish to call it that. oh man thats crazy. Well, now that you know my secret, lemme know yours. Email them to me.