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Amazing People

This is a collection of some of the people I admire, who they are, and why I admire them.

my mother- she makes good cookies
my dad-he likes to buy me cds
Amanda-she makes out with her girl
Angela- she has a cheerie additude, and likes awesome music
Chris Lindy- he likes it when milk squirts out your nose
Bonnie- She could kick your ass
Shorti-Damn she's short, but funny
Mer- she really tried at mrs. Farr's class
Simone- does the butt dance
Trevor- is a pyro....burn baby burn
Cierra- makes you dance like an ijit
Mrs. Farr-she's hardcore into theater
Ms. Mikulski- she's hardcore in her job
Benji-He's awesome at music and has pink hair
Marko 72- he's really down to earth
Jason Lee- he's funny
Mitch Hedberg- funny banana joke
My Family- they're fucking mutants...all of them