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                      xX***PUNK SURVEY***X
1. Name: Laura E. Craft
2. Alias: Crafty ass, Freaky Deekie
3. Age: 18
4. Location: horsham, pa.
5. Identifying Marks: a scar on my right knee, and one on my right hand.
6. Goals/Dreams/Aspirations: goal: get out of horsham Dream: iwannateach+write Aspiration: to be envolved in theater(behind the scenes)
7. Likes: punk music, punk guys with piercings,  sleep, fresh towels, stage crew, english accents(who doesn't)
8. Dislikes: rap, preppyness, wusses, hairy guys, aim, aol, sluts
The Punk Survey- Part Two-Music
9. What are your favorite Punk bands? NFG, GC, Starting Line, Sugarcult, Something Corporate, Mest,UFB, Finch, Midtown.
10. What other (Punk or not) bands do you like? system of a down, Dashboard Confessional, dropkick murpheys.
11. What is your favorite Punk song? "This ride"-S
tArTiNg LiNe
12. What Punk song do you never want to hear again? "What's my Age Again"-Blink, overplayed
13. What Punk song do you want to hear more often? "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous"~GC
14. What is the best live musical performance you've ever seen? Something Corporate And The Starting Line @ Tweeter Center in Camden...Warped Tour 2002.
15. What is the worst? spice girls, i was 12!
16. What's your favorite non Punk song covered by a Punk band? "I'm Real"-J Lo covered by starting line
17. Who is your favorite Punk rocker? Marko 72 from sugarcult
18. What is the best song by:
ramones: "Rock 'n' Roll High School"
osker: na
New Found Glory: "sucker"
good charlotte: "My life Story"
The Punk Survey-Part Three- Fashion
21. What do you wear on a regular day? about 3000 clear liquid-filled bracelets, a choker, dragon necklace, LOTR necklace, hot topic shirts/band shirts/movie shirts/hoodies, pants, always pants.
22. What do you wear on an evening out (clubs, bars, balls, etc)? colorful clothes, stuff that glows in the dark
23. What color is your hair right now? brown and red
24. What colors has it been in the past? red, green, blue, purple, pink, black, blonde.
25. Got any tattoos ? no way, I'm not white trash.
26. Piercings? 4, i'm getting up there, for having a mom that hates them:)
27. Do you wear all black? on occasion
28. If not then what other colors do you wear? pink, blue, green, grey, gray, white, almost any color actually
29. What is your most expensive article of clothing? $60 bondage pants
30. What is your most fabulous article of clothing? my vest, I made it out of my old AMC uniform
31. What is your most personalized article of clothing? My vest
32. How do you tend to accessorize yourself? bracelets, and always my black bag with the buttons
33. What is your favorite accessory? I don't know
34. How do you like to wear your make up? sparely, but glittery
35. Do you ever use whiteface? no, you end up looking like a mime
36. Do you wear sunglasses at night? sometimes
37. What is your favorite store? Hot Topic
38. Overall, how would you describe your unique style?Punk meets a straight
The Punk Survey-Part Four-At Home
Martha Stewart gone Punk
39. What color walls does your room have? White
40. How many posters are on them (and what are they of)? too many to count, guitar chords, Good Charlotte, Freaky eye things, matrix, twister board.
41. What is on your dresser right now? mirror, jewelry, makeup, feathers?
42. Over all, what does your room look like? a mix of shit
The Punk Survey-Part Five-Media
43. What is your favorite...
Visual Artist? Monet
Painting? Monet's water lilies, pick one
Author? Tolkien
Book? Catcher in the Rye
Director? kevin smith
Movie? Batman, Spiderman, Scooby Doo, Clerks,SLC Punk, Mallrats, Dogma, J&SBSB, LOTR:FOTR
Animated Movie: Lion King, Care Bears Movie
TV Show? CSI, Everybody Loves Raymond, real sex
Cartoon Show? Ed, Edd, and Eddie
Actor/Actress? jason lee,
Theatrical Play? shakespeare's Othello
Musical? Secret Garden (I didnt know it was one until this year)
Quote? "There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so"-Hamlet
Sin? Adultry
44. How do you feel about SLC Punk? love it, it opened my eyes to the hell of this world
The Punk Survey-Part Six-Socializing
socializing (playing with others)
45. Are you an extrovert or an introvert? extrovert
46. Where do you go when you go out? movies, parks, malls(to bug the shit out of preps)
47. Do you go there to meet new people or hang out with the ones you already
know? hang with people i know, i meet people by chance
48. What is the most annoying thing people say about the way you dress? "do you actually like purple hair?"
49. What is the funniest thing anyone ever said about the way you dress? "You look like a freak"
50. When strangers approach you to say that kind of thing, what is your
reaction? " No, I hate purple hair, I hate being a freak, damnit, I'm such a poser!"
51. What is your drink of choice? Wine Coolers, Mud Slides
52. What is your drug of choice? I don't particularly like wasting that many brain cells, but people who do pot are funny.
53. What is your sexuality? strictly dickly
54. What is the worst pick up line that has ever been used on you? "I'm your only shot"
55. What is the funniest pick up line that has ever been used on you? "do you want a man to go with those fries"
-Part Seven -
56. What is the elusive quality that makes someone Punk? Everything
57. Are you a Punk? I consider myself a half-breed
58. What makes YOU a Punk? my frame of mind
59. What category of Punk do you fall under (Emo, hardcore, etc.)? I hate labels
60. Are you a aethiest? No, I don't know what's out there, and I'm not trying to find out...agnostic?
61. Which of the following is more punk and why?
a. free show with not even half the place full
b. blue hair
c. a pink daisy       
d. Sid Vicious
e. hottopic
all of the above
62. Where did Punk come from? who cares, it's music, it's style, it's a mind frame.
The Punk- Part Eight- Misc and Bonus
misc.. (be ready for anything)
63. What is the one thing you could not live without? my mom
64. Name one good thing about yourself: I get good grades
65. Name one bad thing: I don't take signs well, you have to practically scream it at me
66. Tell me a secret: I see dead cats, jk
67. Any last words? "Rock on, OB1" "Naga Nooch"
69. Add your own question here and answer it. Anyone who steals this survey
will answer your question and add their own. etc.
69a.My question is, why the hell do they call rap music? It's crap w/o the c.
70. Why aren't strawberries purple?