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My Pen's Ink

After all that, I'm spent!

I only love you when you're dead
When there's a bullet through your head
The day you're six feet underground
I'll no longer keep feeling down.
When all the others dress in black
I'll be wearing red
Dyed from the blood you have bled.
I love it that you're gone

 Thursday Morning Drinking Song

 What kind of liquor cures heartache?

He'd kill for a case of that.

Cause shes leaving tomorrow

And he needs some relief.


I'd give him liquor on Wednesday

He sleeps on my stairs for weeks

Thursday morning hes back there

Searching through bottles for heart

He lost his in her luggage


Yesterday the milk went sour (yuck)

She did all the shopping though

He eats his cereal dry

With a plastic knife and spork.


She took the sheets and the bedspread

So now he sleeps in the curtains

On the couch watching a broken t.v.

With that damn cat of hers

Bad Day

In a minute I'm going to burst.
This day is shaping up bad.
It couldn't be any worse
Oh but I bet it will.
Cause i forgot to knock on wood
And I didnt take my pills.

 White paper and a pen/Not a single friend
I cant ever go back there again.
I dont control my dreams/but afterwards the screams
My heart a garage sale part that I bought back
Five months later, fifty cents and its cracked
Ive got a book of songs/That dont mean a thing
Because of all this shit/That truthful love brings
I have all the notes and emails, worthless things
Is this the only thing devoted love brings?
When the song and dance is over/Can I still sing the rhyme?
Why cant I kindle the fire?/What happened to the time?
Ill collect my half hearted hugs/And smile it away
But that wont stop my mind/Ill think of him most days
Ill glue back my heart/And tape it together too.
But theres a hole where it used to be.
Theres still that spot he cant see.

 Somethings been killing me

Something my eyes cant see

I a river of dreams realitys the key

Somethings been missing from me

Fairy tale scene that just couldnt be

 It isnt easy to find something you love

Then watch it fade from view

Something has to go on,

And you might just feel alone,

Something undreamed of

 If I had one wish

It wouldnt have been this heart

If I had one more day

I only love that part.

In Two Days Tomorrow Will be yesterday...
Will you have used it to help you?
What are the things you didn't get to do?
Will your family know you loved them?
How about your friends?
Will you have accomplished at least one goal?
How many ideas and thoughts could you've stolen?
How many people will you have seen that day?
Would you have wanted it to end another way?
Could the change have saved you from that destiny?
Could you be here today in front of me?
What if you didn't drink and drive?
Would you be underground, or standing here alive?

Quote of Someday: "Here's the things I ment but I never said"-The Starting Line, This Ride